Thursday, December 24, 2009

At Last! Adele is home.

Yesterday Adele was driven home by Fred from the NE Sinai Hospital after a full 6 weeks of being in various hospitals. What a relief! She was very pleased to just be able to take a nap without any beeps, alarms, nurses, therapists, housekeeping, or aids waking her up. She will have services from a visiting nurse, a home therapist and a home health aid for a while. She has a shiny new blue walker with a seat and a basket that she will be modeling around town. She is pleased to be home and looking forward to again seeing her favorite trees decorated for the season- Dollar Tree and Christmas Tree Shops of course!
Please join us in celebrating the end of a long difficult journey away from home for Adele and in supporting the start of the next phase of her recovery.

1 comment:

  1. This is the best news! Adele, Moe and I welcome you home. We wish we could stop by to see your beautiful face in person. Instead, we're sending you WARM wishes from Florida.
    We Love You,
    Phyllis & Moe