Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good Signs

Today Adele was moved out of the ICU and onto a cardiac floor at the Beth Israel. She no longer needs the intensive monitoring and treatment options the ICU provides. She is stable and the blood tests of the heparin (anticoagulant) have been where the doctors wanted them. She is also needing less oxygen than she did her last evening at N.E. Sinai. So all the news has been positive so far. It is not yet clear how long she may stay at the B.I. but she will likely return to N.E. Sinai at some point to finish her rehab. There is a link to an article on pulmonary embolisms that you can click on to the right of this post. We continue to learn a lot of important medical information through this journey and we hope that sharing it will help others.


  1. Dear Adele and family, I am sorry to hear about the bump in the road, but it seems Adele is going in the right direction. Easy does it! Love, Tim Engels

  2. Hi Adele...Such a bump you have been having keeping everyone involved with your treatments! WOW !! I'm soooo sorry to hear that things went south for a while, not in the travel plans I'm sure! Take care, and know that we are thinking of you... love Donna & Ed Kozak

  3. Dearest Boopsie,
    The longer your recovery,the slower the economy hurry up and get out can be the stimulus ,your country needs you!
    Your Teddybearxoxoxoxo