Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Sinai from Beth Israel

Tonight we kindle the lights of for the 5th day of Hannuka. This reminds us of the miracle in ancient Israel and it is appropriate to reflect on Adele's journey today from (Beth) Israel to the Sinai. Yes her extended vacation continues on what is expected to be the last leg of her journey. In classic Adele style she did not take a camel but was personally chauffeured in a climate controlled vehicle with an individual attendant- and even flashing lights. Some suspect she may have made the journey just so she wouldn't be outdone by her friends in who recently traveled with the Judy Group along a similar route through Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. But that is really just conjecture and I digress.
Adele settled in comfortably at Sinai this evening. She remains on anticoagulants and her levels are being adjusted until they are therapeutic. Her oxygen level is better and they were still deciding on whether she would get some oxygen overnight when the last of us left. Her spirits are better as she is closer to home and has successfully navigated through one more difficult challenge. It has now been over 5 weeks that she has been away from home and while the accommodations have been top notch she is really feeling ready to be home again. Hopefully by the end of this Hannuka see will be well on her way to a miraculous recovery and be just about ready to return home from her long journey.

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