Thursday, November 9, 2017

Everday a Step Closer to Home

Herb and I observed Adele's OT and PT sessions today. She has made amazing progress in just the week since she's been in rehab. She no longer needs to wear the neck collar, except for during therapy. That has been a real relief! She is also now walking the length of 2 corridors with a walker and no assistance. She still has a lot of pain and fatigue at times, but that is to be expected so close to both her injury and the surgery. The team is trying to manage her pain, often successfully. It looks like she may go home next Friday, 11/17/17 with home services. Visiting hours at Braintree Rehab are weekdays 12-1pm and 4-8pm so as not to interfere with therapy times. On weekends the hours are 12-8pm. Keep up the great work Adele!

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