Saturday, November 14, 2009

1:00 pm
Adele is doing very well recovering in the cardiac ICU. She looks so much better than any of us expected. She is awake, the breathing tube was removed and she is talking. Her spirits are good and she still has her humor. Her first meal was mostly sugar-free lemon sorbet, which she really enjoyed. Her mouth has been very dry and her throat is a bit irritated from the tubes. She is relatively comfortable with enough pain medication to keep her that way. She has 1 to 1 nurse for the first 24 hours and the staff have been wonderful to her and to all of us.
Her brother Herbie and her niece Alisa- the cardiologist- were here this morning. Alisa confirmed that everything is going well and that all the stats are good. Fred, Marc, and Andy are here now. We just had lunch while she naps. Her nephew Alan- yet another cardiologist- is coming later. She is still weak and tired so she will not be up for entertaining other visitors for a while yet. But check back here for updates as things progress. Also feel free to post questions or leave comments for her after each blog entry. We will make sure to pass them on to Adele and family.


  1. Hey Adele, Thinking of you while looking at the ocean. Tell the doctors, and nurses to keep the drugs coming.
    Marc, your posts are truly appreciated. Our love to you and ALL the family.
    Phyllis & Moe

  2. Thinking of you in VT. All our love, Karen and Eddie