Saturday, November 14, 2009

Adele is doing great. The family spent the afternoon with her. She was talking and joking between naps. She was moved to a chair in her ICU room for a few hours. She ate a bit of her dinner and has a newfound love for lemon sorbet. Her nurses are wonderful with her. They are able to keep her comfortable despite the tubes, wires and wounds. She has only half as many things attached to her as she did yesterday, which is really nice. Yet she cannot run away yet as she is still tethered to some large machines. She told us the story of her uncle Morris who took his tubes out when he was hospitalized years ago and climbed out the window to get back to work. I don't think Adele would have ever been that zealous to get to work, do you? Maybe to a sale at a Christmas Tree Shop, though.


  1. Dearest "Boopsie",
    Are you able to spell Lake Chaubunagunagamaug yet?
    Now that you have the arteries of a 10 year old will you be so emboldened as to revert to a life of crime you had as a 10 year old?
    I can just see us getting caught after stealing some Dubble Bubble, mint julep candies,Sugar Daddys and Beeman's gum...the Enterprise will headline the story(they love to stick it to the Juden!)"Elderly Grandmothers Caught in a Candy Crime Spree!!!"..
    anyway,my dear Boopsie I look forward to visiting upon your arrival back to our fair city.
    your partner in crime and mayhem...

  2. Dear Adele:

    I have tried several times to post a comment on your blog without success; I guess it is because my brother was the smart one and the reason you loved him more. But, Robert and I do send our very best for a very speedy recovery!! We are just around the corner (you are in my old turf) and we are here if you need anything, please call at 508 202-9652. Hope to see you soon. Glad the staff is so good to you.
    Love, Ruthie and Robert too

  3. Dear Adele and Family,

    I'm very glad to hear things are going so well! Lemon sorbet sounds like a very nice reward for Adele's putting up with all those tubes. I look forward to hearing about the time when you're freed from the machines. Take care of yourself and feel better!


    Tim Engels