Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 3 in the Cardiac ICU: Adele is sitting up in a chair and eating dinner. She has been taking her meals in a chair and resting in bed between meals. She still needs oxygen support and will probably not be able to leave the ICU until her blood oxygen level is high enough without the extra support.
That said, she is comfortable and talking. She is complaining about the food in the colorful terms we all know and love. I think the adjustment to the heart healthy diet will be the most challenging part of this whole journey. Her nurse described it this way, "If it tastes good, spit it out!"
Let's just say she'll need a lot of support from us all in making healthy adjustments.
Her spirits are good but she still gets tired easily, even just talking for a while. In lieu of calls please post questions and comments here. We promise to pass everything along to Adele in a very timely manner.
Lastly many of you know Adele's fondness or maybe borderline obsession with sending & receiving cards. We know from past experiences in hospitals that receiving cards really lifted her spirits. It is probably best to send them to her home address and they will be brought to her daily. Knowing her she may keep a list of who sends her cards and who does not. I know which list I'd rather be on is all I'll say about that!


  1. Over here, Over here. Thank you for taking my question. This one is for Adele. First, I'm so glad you're doing better & I was told that China Town (both locations) are expecting to see you soon. Now the all important question. When are we going to The Woods? aka: OZ, wonderful land, dreamland, home away from home ...... Get well soon.

  2. Donna found the blog and read it to me....Freddy called and told me everything went well. Will talk to you when you get your final hotel room.
    Love, Arlene

  3. o.k....Nana filled me in...I told Amy..she told her mom in FL...she called a cousin, brother, back to Amy's Mom in FL...she called Amy back, and Amy called me tonight to tell me that you have your very own website! Fewwww!!! How the hell are you doing????? Lemon sorbet??? try the mango it is scrumptious... also Edy's suger free fruit bars...yum!!! I'm so glad that your surgery went well for you... you'll be back doing all of those wonderful things that are "all you" soon... Marshalls, T.J.'s, Christmas Tree, Job Lot, just no Krispy Kream's anymore! You will have to learn to love visiting the fruit bars! Edy's also makes a very tasty sugar free ice cream...look with it! hahah...feel better each day...take Donna & Ed xo