Thursday, November 19, 2009

Greetings from Club Medic

Adele is really starting to enjoy her all-inclusive stay at the lakeside Quinsigamond Club Medic. Today she took her longest walks yet from her personal suite around the wing of her resort. Although protected by a Club Medic personal entourage of attendants, the paparazzi were relentless and snapped this picture of her while she was lazing in the sunshine between activities. Tomorrow she is expected to move to a less intensive wing at Club Medic. This is due to the success of her treatments to improve her breathing and reduce the fluid in her system. She looks and feels like a new woman thanks to the dedicated staff at the resort.


  1. Deli Catessin, we are so proud of you making such great progress in your own time, of course. Linda, Jack, and I faithfully read your ever-so-intellectual and exciting blog daily, before stepping out to enjoy Jerusalem and all the Jews. We cannot wait to see you and feel bad that if we sent a card it wouldn't reach you in time before we got home, so please count this answer as fifteen cards from each of us. We would never, ever forget you. Linda said she cannot wait to get home to take care of you. I, meanwhile, just want to mention, it should never happen, please God, that if something does go awry, the bracelet is mine. Love you, love you, Jack, Linda, and Judiath Krapley, your favorite cousin. XXXXX

  2. A picture is truly worth a thousand words!!!!! Love you Adele! I need to look for an appropriate card......or the case may be. You are in our thoughts and prayers.......for real! and we wish you continues improvement on the strength and healing end.

    Love you tons!!!!!!

    From the Vermonters who wish it was REALLY warm and sunny!

    Karen and Eddie

    Karen and

  3. OH MY GOD!!!!! I never knew that having such a heart attack would increase you with a healthy heart full of amusement! You are NUTS!!!!! I tell you...NUTS!!!! Keep an entertaining spirit! Always thinking of you from Cape ~ Donna & Ed Kozak