Friday, November 20, 2009

The Newest Alumna of ICU !

It seems like only a few years ago Adele was in the Gilmore elementary school and now she is graduating! We all knew this great day would eventually come but still it was with a broken heart that Adele finally bade farewell to the girls and Fellows at ICU. Today after her final examinations, she had successfully completed all her treatment courses at the IV League institution. Immediate family was present for the small graduation with a handful of others Attending. Our family beamed with pride as we watched her walk out of the Residents' Hall wearing the the snappy traditional gown emblazoned with the name of her institution. Even as an alumna Adele will be staying on campus for a couple of more days. She is trying to dry out after over a week of steady IV drug use, which we found out is common at ICU. As a result we expect her to enter a local rehab for a few more days before coming home. She has to do at least 12 Steps on her own before she can return safely to her 2-story home in Brockton. Please join us in congratulating Adele on her recent success and in wishing her well as she works on her recovery.


  1. Dearest Boopsie,
    congratulations on your graduation!
    I will be bringing over lots and lots of graduation presents when you begin your new job after arriving home to help you continue your post graduate studies!
    I also know lots of good places for you to purchase all the good vitamins and supplements your Dr. will recommend...we'll go shopping!
    maybe we'll even take a long walk to "Shimelovich Park!"
    My Loving(the one that resembles Abraham Lincoln!)sends along his love as do I...
    We look forward to the healthier but still same ol Boopsie self!

  2. Dear Adele:

    Thanks for skipping town before we could visit. Seriously, though we are thrilled that you are done with Worcester and now into Rehab. Glad that it is easier on Fred. So you did not want to make Thanksgiving it seems!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    My Ruthie and Robert too