Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giving Thanks

Now that Thanksgiving has past we wanted to take the time to share some of the things for which Adele and the family have been thankful this season.

  • For the love and support of family and friends first and foremost
  • For the excellent care Adele has received at both UMass Medical Center and New England Sinai Rehab Hospital
  • For having such a mild heart attack that she escaped any serious damage to her heart
  • For the fine skill and personable nature of Adele's heart surgeon, Dr. Tam
  • For Orbit Bubblemint sugar-free gum
  • For Sinai being so close to home so that Fred, Marc and others don't have to drive to Worcester everyday.
  • For the hairdresser and manicurist that see patients at Sinai
  • For the frogs that Herbie and Lois have given her to keep her company when the rest of us cannot.
  • For there being a gift shop at Sinai Adele can be wheeled to so she doesn't go through full scale withdrawal from her shopping "hobby" 
  • For Rachel, Mikala, Jacob, Adah, Zayna, and Adam whose young smiling faces are postered to her wall.
  • For passing the halfway mark to her quota for get well cards
It has been a stressful time but such times often bring into focus the things that are most important to us in life. The people we love and care about top this list. Adele and family thank you for the wonderful support and kindness you have shown to our family recently and over the years- sometimes decades.

It is worth adding a brief update about Adele's recovery. She is still weaning off the oxygen support but getting noticeably stronger almost every day. She is now getting both physical therapy and occupational therapy twice each day. She has been walking further and further with her PT. She can climb several stairs. She has learned how to do basic self care in ways that do not require her to use her arm strength which would strain the healing wounds from her surgery. Today the occupational therapist began to work with her on cooking and cleaning. Unfortunately in these specific areas she found that Adele's level of disability much greater than she had anticipated!

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