Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A good day in Sanai

Well therapy has started in earnest today and Adele is doing well. She is walking and has done a couple of steps. However she still needs oxygen, which limits what she can do. While Fred was there her Occupational Therapist said she would be showing Adele how to cook- to which Fred replied, "I'd be happy if she could boil water!" Adele herself is getting her spunk and her humor back, thanks to the recognition she has gotten from her many devoted friends and family in the form of calls, a few visits, and lots and lots of cards. Today's count was up to 56 since we know everyone has been wondering. If that wasn't enough to overnourish her ego she was visited by some of the most important, influential and powerful people at Sinai, thanks to her friend Tom O'Connor who is on the Sinai Board and head of the Men's Association. At different times she had the president and CEO of Sinai, the president of Sinai's Foundation, and the Patient Care Coordinator visiting her. They came bearing gifts like the magi to the manger: pens, paper and a Sinai paperweight (okay, not quite gold, frankincense and myrrh but pretty good for an older woman with no messianic claims in such a bad economy, no?)

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  1. Welcome to Sinai resort...getting better, and closer to home! Can't wait to hear how your 1st cooking class goes! When you are ready, and have entered the chapter of baking cakes, I'll share my famous carrot cake recipe with you. Feel better today than you did yesterday and the day before that! Healthy recovery..love Donna & Ed xoxoxox