Sunday, November 22, 2009

Settled into Sinai

Adele is comfortably settled into New England Sinai Hospital and awaiting therapy to begin in earnest on Monday. She had a bit of a scare her first night when she found out her roommate had MRSA. She was worried that she would be infected. She was assured from her niece- the doctor- that MRSA was only transmitted through direct contact. The roommate was moved to another room and the side of the room where she had been was scrubbed down the same night. After that bit of tumult things have gone smoothely.
Adele got a visit from her doctor, which went very well. Dr. Parayath had seen Adele the last time she was at Sinai and Adele had really liked her. When the doctor visited Adele today she gave her a big hug and said she had come in on her day off to see her. She did an initial assessment and checked to make sure her wounds were healing well, which they were. She said Adele could expect to be at the rehab for 2-3 weeks, depending on her rate of progress. This was more than Adele had expected but she took it fairly well. She trusts Dr. Parayath since she took such good care of her the last time around.
Adele is still on a little oxygen and gets winded very easily but her spirits were good. She was very pleased to get her hair done today by the visiting hairdresser. In addition her nurses have been uniformly wonderful to her and she feels both safe and as comfortable as one could feel under the circumstances.
If anyone has a movie or tv show on DVD that they think Adele would enjoy, please let us know. She has a portable DVD player and has enjoyed using it. Also you'll be glad to know that she has 52 cards as of today- she was sure to brag about it to us. Thank you to all who have sent them in and to all who are still planning to send one (or more). New England Sinai Hospital is at 150 York St. Stoughton, MA 02072.

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