Friday, November 20, 2009

NEWSFLASH: Adele To Go To Rehab Today!

Adele got word this morning that she will be admitted to rehab this afternoon at New England Sinai Hospital in Stoughton. She will take the flashy Blue Cross shuttle sometime after lunch and her family will meet her there to help her settle in. This will be Adele's second stay at Sinai. We were all pleased with her care the last time and she feels comfortable going back. It is also so much easier for Fred to get in and out of compared to Worcester. He can even go home to nap or for lunch and be back in just over an hour!

Please check out the link to the right for more info on Sinai.

Enjoy the video "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse below.


  1. Dear Adele and Family,

    I was very glad to hear that Adele is being graduated to rehab and will be closer to home. Loved the photo with the hat and shades! I hope you feel a little stronger now, Adele.

    Tim Engels

  2. Adele, remember if you need a mattress, just give Moe a call.
    So glad to hear about your wonderful progress. Keep up the good work.
    [It will be work.]
    We love and miss you.
    Phyllis & Moe

  3. Adele!!! you look just like Amy Whinehouse in this video! you look marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love ~ Donna & Ed xoxoxoxo